Impact Case Study – The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

MyCareerPath pilot programme
with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

Industry: Public Sector

Keywords: Upskilling, Career Assessment, Career Learning Pathways, eLearning Courses, RPL Toolkit, Career Guidance, Workplace Learning, 1-to-1 Mentoring


The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment leads in advising and implementing the government’s policies of stimulating the productive capacity of the economy and creating an environment which enables employment creation and sustainability. The department is also charged with promoting fair competition in the marketplace, protecting consumers and safeguarding workers. partnered with employees in the Department to assist them to think about their upskilling options.


MyCareerPath aligned with the DETE People Strategy 2021 – 2024. HR in DETE aim to provide a service that is built on the employee ‘lifecycle’, and the different stages all staff go through as they progress their career in the Department. During each of these stages, HR works closely with individuals and senior leaders with the aim of providing a proactive service that is responsive to the needs of the Department and its Business Units, while advancing our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion is a natural extension of our mission to improve lives.

We felt that the Career and Learning Pathways could help DETE by:

  • Supporting employees in managing and progressing their careers within DETE and potentially the wider Civil Service.
  • Encouraging employees to be curious and innovative in understanding their abilities and capabilities to achieve their full potential.
  • Encouraging employees to develop their skills and knowledge to support current and future business needs.
  • Recognising the need to be agile and responsive to organisational goals.
  • Assisting employees in exploring further education to help achieve their personal goals.
  • Guiding employees to understand what recognition of prior learning is – and how this can enable their progression within the organisation.
  • Developing employees’ confidence across the five main areas of employability.
  • Building networks within the organisation.

“The overall aim of piloting and collaborating with was to support and empower employees to manage skills and knowledge to thrive within DETE. It also encourages career management and progression, while promoting further development through programmes of study that improve regional and national output.”

Input - MyCareerPath


Step 1: Business Needs Assessment

Discussed future challenges of the organisation.

Supports in valuing all employees and developing open and curious mindsets to thrive.

Step 2: Planning Phase

Engaged with employees and HR to develop the pathway programmes.

Step 3: Onboarding

Met with employees to provide information on how to register onto the programme.

Highlighted the benefit, the process and the importance of 1-2-1 mentorship and support to achieve personal goals.

Step 4: Engagement

Employees meet with their career advisors throughout their journey, building rapport and trust in achieving personal growth and successfully navigating resources on

Additional support provided by RPL (Recognition of Prior
Learning) Co-ordinators.

Step 5: Evaluation & Outputs

Evaluated learners experience of the pathways and measured against objectives.

Pathways chosen

Career and Learning Pathways

The MyCareerPath Team introduced the five distinct pathways, (which are individually tailored) at an onsite Careers Fair and by webinar.

A group of employees signed up to begin their pathways assigned to their own dedicated advisors.

14 Participants
7 x Career Accelerator
6 x Mastery
1 x Dream Builder

Output from the Process

Employees career development plan

  • Employees receive guidance from a qualified Careers Guidance Advisor on the 5 pillars of employability
  • Employees have clearly defined pathways and transversal skills gaps analysis
  • Employees are more engaged in having a focus on career development plans
  • Access to e-learning resources to support career learning goals
  • Recognition of prior learning information
  • A Career and Development Plan with SMART Goals and future career objectives


Quote from Learner

“I really enjoyed this programme. I found
it very beneficial as I was at a crossroads in my career and unsure what to do next.
My mentor was very helpful in getting me to think about what I enjoy in work and what I don’t. I found the strengths profile very helpful in figuring out how I work best and where my blindspots are. The virtual interview and CV checker were great for practicing for interviews. I also found the resources useful and incredibly varied and extensive! I would highly recommend this programme.”

Quote from Management

“As a management team, we are delighted to be able to offer this service to our staff, to allow them to explore their potential, consider their next steps and plan for their future through learning and recognising prior learning and experience. It is a culture of self development that we are eager to endorse and encourage throughout the organisation.”

Quote from Learner

“I went to the sessions with my career advisor/coach with openness. I had no immediate plans and pressures, but I wanted to start clarifying my priorities. The person I dealt with was brilliant. I managed to narrow down my interests to align with my preferences, skills, and Department’s business needs. We had a few very inspiring and stimulating conversations and my views and insights were always very welcome.”

Overall feedback from DETE on the Platform, Career Assessments and E-learning tools:

Learners found the career assessments particularly useful, gaining deeper insights into their individual personality, strengths, values and motivations. It was helpful in guiding people to see how this knowledge is impactful in the workplace. Our 1-to-1 Career Guidance support proved extremely beneficial in identifying transversal skills gaps, building confidence and the motivation to engage in conversations for career progression, transversal skills development, and further study needs.



Chosen from a range of levels
across the department
over a 6-8 week period



50 interviews, 360 uses
Careers Assessments
completed 31 times



eLearning Resources viewed 255 times
12 CVs uploaded visited 4 times







Top eLearning Courses 
Personal Values, Personal Brand, STARR Technique, Self Awareness, Confidence