Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us on is an online career and learning development service designed to help individuals and organisations identify and meet their learning needs and career goals. It offers bespoke career and learning programmes (“Pathways”) which cater both to employees looking to advance in their careers and anyone else seeking to upskill or re-skill through higher education.

The platform has been developed by the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) and combines AI technology, online learning resources and one-to-one mentoring with experienced Career and Learning Pathways Advisors to support individuals on their career and learning journeys. also offers career and learning guidance for organisations and businesses to help them face the training and development challenges of the 21st century. We work with businesses and organisations to identify and address skills and learning gaps within the workforce.

The programme consists of an online eLearning resource library combined with a series of one-to-one meetings with a professional Career and Learning Pathways Advisor (CLPA).

Participants start their journey by booking a 30-minute online consultation with a CLPA, after which they gain access to a dedicated library of online tools and resources specifically designed to help them to identify and assess their motivations, interests, abilities and transferable skills. 

Over the course of the programme (which typically lasts 6 weeks), the participant will develop their self-awareness, identify key areas for self-development and will be guided by their CLPA through the process of developing their career and learning toolkit and development plan. 

At the end of the process, the participant will have reflected on their career goals, understood their skills and learning gaps and will have set out the next steps to achieve their career and learning goals.

  • Four clinic sessions per candidate with a dedicated Career & Learning Pathway Advisor (CLPA)
  • Access to premium career assessments, including leadership styles, strengths, and values
  • Personalised support for career transitions within current organisation, including skills audit
  • Access to the platform for 3 months
  • Access to over 1,000 training modules
  • Ongoing individual support online, certification and career skills open digital badge
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment support to accelerate access to Higher Education programmes
  • Identification and matching Higher Educational opportunities and relevant programmes of study
  • 1-2-1 mentoring with our professional career guidance advisor
  • Users receive access to MyCareerPath for 12 weeks following date of registration

Individuals: You can sign up today at

Employers: please email to speak with our industry experts

Existing users: you can sign in using the link you are provided with after registration.

Once registered, you will be provided access to our booking system where you can manage your appointments.

All appointments are 30 minutes in duration.

On average it takes 6 weeks for participants to complete the online programme. However, the actual duration depends on what pathway you choose and how much time you have available to you to engage with the online activities.

To cancel your appointment please email your Career and Learning Pathways Advisor. Please give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

You can reset your username or password by visiting the ATU Career Centre website or emailing

Any of the work you complete with your Career and Learning Pathways Adviser or on the My Career Path platform is completely confidential. We do not share any individual’s information with your employer. Data collected is covered by GDPR legislation.

Yes, on completion of the programme you will receive a digital certificate of completion.

Course/programme information is available on the ATU website ( is a comprehensive career and learning development platform that features a library of interactive tools to help you on your career and learning pathway journey, including:

  • Employability assessments designed to help you become the most employable version of you. 
  • Online career assessments to help you identify how you prefer to work, what genuinely motivates you, how resilient you are and the strengths that make you stand out.
  • Thousands of eLearning courses and resources that are designed to help you develop your career and workplace skills.
  • AI-powered tools that give you instant detailed feedback on areas such as CVs, Cover Letters and Interviews.
  • Guidance on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL); learn how your career experience to date can count in gaining entry to a third level course with the ATU.

Mindset: approach your pathway with curiosity, have an open mind to learning.

Commitment: invest three hours per week over six to eight weeks to complete the programme.

Engage: attend one to one sessions, don’t be afraid to ask questions and complete all tasks assigned.

Above all: allow yourself to dream of all your possibilities.