November 7, 2022 | Case Study

Medtronic and MyCareerPath

MyCareerPath pilot programme with Medtronic Galway.
Department Name: Coronary and Renal Denervation (CRDN) Operations – Medtronic Parkmore (Group 1)
Industry: Medical Technology
Keywords: Upskilling, Career Assessment, Career Learning Pathways, eLearning Courses, RPL Toolkit, Career Guidance, Workplace Learning, 1-to-1 Mentoring.

What We Did

1. Business Needs Assessment

ATU worked with Medtronic’s Training and Development Unit to understand how MyCareerPath can support organisational objectives.

2. Planning Phase

Discussions and demonstration of the website, platform, and pathways to the L&D teams. The Organisation identified and registered suitable employees for the project.

3. Onboarding

Online presentation of programme to participants, including timelines, six- eight-week programme, anticipated outcomes, terms of engagement and Q & A sessions.

4. Engagement

Individual appointments using online booking system, meetings with Career and Learning Pathways Advisers, Recognition of Prior Learning Co-ordinators.

5. Evaluation & Outputs

We evaluated all the learners experience of the pathways and measured individuals’ employability both at the beginning and at the end of their learning pathway.


  • Validated message that the organisation supports skills learning for the future
  • Allowed organisation to support employees in development of skills
  • Allowed employees at all levels to engage with life long learning
  • Meet Medtronic mindset to foster belonging and deliver results the right way
  • It has given our employees clarity around their career paths and the motivation and confidence to pursue further education and training.

Supported the Medtronic Mission – “to recognise the personal worth of ALL employees by providing an employment framework that allows personal satisfaction in work accomplished, security, advancement opportunity, and means to share in the company’s success.”


Medtronic Multinational organisation with 4,000 employees in Ireland – MyCareerPath worked with employees of all levels

Step 1


Supporting Medtronic for employee engagement and upskilling.
Step 2


A 4-stage mentored programme from career and learning pathway advisors.
Step 3


Develop a mindset of upskilling and a culture of learning.



The company has roots in Ireland since 1982, and currently employs more than 4,000 people across four sites based in Galway (Parkmore & Mervue), Athlone and Dublin.

MyCareerPath linked into our organisation’s vision and aligned well with our Academic Sponsorship Policy, which supports the company’s mission by recognising the personal worth of ALL our employees and enables them to maximise their potential by providing opportunities for growth and development. We felt the Career and Learning Pathways could contribute to our ethos of:

  • Ensuring employees have the skills and knowledge they need for their current role
  • Encouraging employees with potential to develop their skills and knowledge to support the current and future business needs
  • Close any skills gaps required for the business needs
  • Help prepare employees future career opportunities
  • Assist employees in researching suitable courses available to them in Higher Education
  • Help our employees to understand how to avail of the recognition of prior learning
  • To understand how to avail of the recognition of prior learning

“The overall aim of the project is to enhance employee satisfaction in the workplace, encourage the development of career progression pathways, increased engagement in Higher Education and improved regional output.”

Chosen Pathways

Career and Learning Pathways

Employees were introduced to five distinct pathways, each with its own bespoke learning pathway tailored to suit people at different career stages.

Of the 13 participants: 1 person took part in the New Beginnings Path, 6 took part in the Career Accelerator Path, and 6 took part in the Mastery Path.

Career Pathways: Visit Our Pathways page fore more

Output from the Process

Employee Career Development Plan

  • Employees receive guidance from a qualified Career Advisor
  • Employees have clearly defined pathways and skills gaps analysis
  • Employees now have the right mix of skills for their future business needs
  • Employees are more engaged
  • Access to resources to support learning goals
  • Guided support throughout process
  • RPL information
  • Ultimately you have the skills and confidence to pursue a rewarding career within your organisation


Mary Kearns, L&D Consultant

"The combination of the e-learning tools and career assessments with the personalised advice provided by the Career and Learning Pathways advisors is second to none.

It has given our employees clarity around their career paths and the motivation and confidence to pursue further education and training.

We would have no hesitation in recommending and we see it as a valuable resource that should be leveraged by other companies in the region."

Laura O’Donoghue, Manufacturing Director and learner

“Being responsible for a large diverse Value Stream, Coronary and Renal Denervation (CRDN) Operations with over 1000 direct labour and 36 managers and supervisors in my reporting line it is critical for me as a People Leader to inspire and help all of my team to reach their full potential.

I realised there was a huge opportunity not just for me but for my team to get involved in this pilot. It had a big impact with the 13 team members of my value stream that participated, again giving the confidence and motivation to bring their education to a higher level. As a Mentor, a people Leader and participant I would highly recommend onboarding of this valuable resource.”

Quote from Learner

“The career assessments highlighted my strengths which I had not considered previously. Ultimately you will have the skills, confidence and knowledge to pursue a rewarding career within your organisation”

Overall feedback from Medtronic on the Platform, Career Assessments and E-learning tools:


Participants took part

Chosen from a range of levels across the department over an 6-8 week period


Overall logins

eLearning Hub Visited 275 Times
Careers Assessments Completed 53 Times


Activities completed

eLearning Resources Viewed 259 Times
RPL Site MyExperience Visited 2 Times

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  • 100% rated highly online element
  • Personal mentors giving motivation and confidence on what courses to apply for
  • Top Career Tools used: Strengths & Personality Profile, Management Style and Employability Pulse
  • Top e-Learning Courses: Networking, IT and Digital Literacy, Career Planning, Growth Mindset, Decision Making, Personal Agility