MyCareerPath is a service available to people in the workplace, returners to education, entrepreneurs seeking to upskill and people looking to accelerate their career and progress within their organisation.

When you sign up to MyCareerPath:

  • Step 1
    You will start an exciting journey of self-discovery with access to targeted 1:1 support from qualified Careers Advisors from ATU.
  • Step 2
    You will complete a 6-8 week career development programme which gives you access to four meetings with your advisor to help you realise your strengths and develop your potential.
  • Step 3
    You get access to interactive online resources and a modern career development platform.

Our Online Careers Portal offers

Aptitude Tests

that are bespoke with personal feedback. Including: numerical, verbal, inductive, diagrammatic, logical, situational judgement, critical thinking, error checking, e-tray, CAPP.

Engaging Content

Including 500 employer & career coach videos, 2,500 career articles & latest news, 15 industry reports, 350 business & IT skills e-learning courses, 2,000 career path videos, and 600 e-learning resources.

Interactive Tools

Including CV/Resume 360 & Builder, Cover Letter Builder, Interview Simulator, Elevator Pitch Builder, Assessment Centre Training, Task & Document Manager, LinkedIn Business Networking, Job Search Engine.

Career Assessments

Including personality, temperament, strengths, learning styles, decision-making, assertiveness, emotional control, management skills, giving feedback, stress management, workplace culture, and motivation. This will identify the careers or roles that best suit your personality and skills.

Support and mentoring

A Qualified ATU Career Advisor will support you through the whole process. Discuss your career aspirations with your advisor and develop a pathway that is unique to developing your potential

Online Meetings

Four online one-to-one video consultations are included. These online sessions support you in your career development journey and include completing RPL portfolio, preparation for an interview or anything else that you may need support with.

Meet your dedicated ATU Career and Learning Pathways Advisors

Sign up for your Career pathway 6-week programme and book your appointment with your Career Learning Pathway Advisor.

Access the MyCareerPath platform

Once you have signed up you will be given access to the online learning portal and you will schedule a meeting with your careers advisor at a time that suits you. Your advisor will support and mentor you through the 6 week programme.

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See what our learners have to say…

“MyCareerPath has given me the tools to move forward, ask about opportunities, put myself out there and decide if a long-term career in Insurance is viable for me”

Anna Quigley Forward Emphasis International

“My Career Advisor was very helpful and provided me with information on courses which would align with my new career path. I am now in the process of applying for one of those courses. I would have no hesitation in recommending”

Sharon Curley Meissner

“ has been a great resource for my personal development. I have been using the Career Accelerator programme to further understand my strengths and skills, and what I need to do to achieve my goals. My mentor has been open-minded, helpful, and responsive.”

Ash Burke Corporate Affairs Manager SIRO

“I received assurance that I have chosen the right career path. It was also great to hone-in on areas of special interest – because beforehand, I wanted to do a course to progress for progression sake. Now, with my Career & Learning Pathway Advisor’s help – I have found a course that I am passionate about, that will serve to future-proof my career.”

Freda More Regeneron

“It helped me re-focus and reflect what I have done and what I need to achieve to succeed in my career. It set out a clear roadmap of how to achieve my goals. It also helped me set some goals I never knew I had.”

Shane McGonagle

“The pathway programme was very beneficial to me, particularly the strengths profile assessment. My career advisor provided impartial suggestions on courses that could improve my skills in specific areas. These conversations helped me identify what I enjoy about my current role and where I see myself in the future, especially considering the impact of AI and how other technologies will disrupt accounting roles. I am interested in pursuing Springboard programmes that will differentiate me from others in my field.”

Catherine O’Sullivan Senior Accountant

“Helped me to decide what direction to take for my future employment choice.”

Geraldine Glynn

“The Mentoring Program was a great success. In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled or found through other platforms and sources, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained through experience. program has made me realise the value of one-to-one mentoring.”

Jer Tydings

“My most powerful insight was learning about my true potential as a professional. Being able to transfer and translate my experiences and skills that I have acquired over my years in employment”

Christopher McLaughlin