What We Do

MyCareerPath.ie provides 1-2-1 Mentoring, Career Development and Learning Pathways to companies, individuals and communities.

We specialise in skills profiling, particularly in the areas of upskilling, reskilling or retraining needs to address skills gaps.

How We Work with Organisations

Working with your HR and/or Training and Development functions, our service maximises the use of digital technologies, online career assessments, AI, psychometric assessment, e-learning courses and, if required, recognition of prior learning (RPL) to support employees/individuals at different life stages.

We work with companies to customise learning pathways in line with your organisation’s culture, values and skills requirements.

Initial Meeting with Career and Learning Pathway advisor

  • Overview of resources available
  • Each mentoring session is 30 mins long
  • Sessions will be based around various forms

Guidance through the platform & choosing the right pathway.
Reflections on work completed, support with tasks and the development of your career and learning pathway plan.

Starting Blocks: Reflective Space

Exploring: Strengths, education, experience

Reflecting: Career assessments, strengths profile, learning styles

Supporting: Advice and direction, identify or clarify gaps (skills, education, experience)


On Your Marks: Research Space

  • E-learning courses (eg. Career planning, IT skills and digital literacy
  • ATU courses
  • Personalised career support


Get Set: Preparation Phase

  • Supported Career Action Plan
  • ATU supports: academic, personal, financial
  • RPL (e-portfolio)


Go: Taking Action

  • Submit applications (courses, RPL, job)
  • Move towards your goals
  • Celebrating your achievements

Your Career and Learning Pathway Advisor will work with you to evaluate your programme and consolidate your future options.

What We Do &
How It Works