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Portal goes down a storm!

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Galway businesses and workers have been urged to use a free new service from Atlantic Technological University (ATU) that offers advice on upskilling, changing jobs and university courses.

The website, which was developed by the ATU as part of the €12.3million Higher Education 4.0 scheme, mixes AI technology and one-to-one human engagement to help workers access higher education and update their knowledge in way that’s as seamless and flexible as possible.

Visitors to can book a 15-minute online consultation with a professional advisor, after which they gain access to a number of online tools which assess their motivators, interests, abilities and transferable skills.

The service employs AI technology to review a person’s CV and conduct a mock interview – before providing feedback on a user’s interviewing style. In addition, can also advise how any learning that has taken place in the workplace can be used to gain access to third-level courses.

In what is a first for services of this kind in Ireland, users benefit from a 30-minute one-on-one meeting at the end the process in which an advisor measures skills gaps against a person’s goals and then advises on next steps, including the choice of potential ATU courses.

Article (and image) originally published in Connacht Tribune

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