The Strengths PATH Programme helps learners to identify strengths in four easy steps:

Level 1

Understanding Strengths

Realised Strengths – strengths that you use regularly and enjoy

Unrealised Strengths – strengths you should use more

Learned Behaviours – strengths that you are not good at but can do

Weakness – things you find hard and don’t enjoy

Level 2

Discover Your Strengths

Engage in the personalised strengths profile assessment to uncover your unique talents and areas for growth. Gain deep insights into your abilities and discover aspects of yourself you’ve yet to explore.

Level 3

Reflecting on Strengths

Review your strengths and careers profile reports to focus on areas for enhancement. Choose a course and career that aligns to your strengths, which will give you a greater sense of fulfilment and achievement.

Level 4

Link Strengths to Courses

Make an appointment with a Qualified Careers Adviser to discuss your options.

The programme offers remote access, allowing learners time for self-reflection to engage in various reflective activities and interactive tools in an online platform.

By catering to each individual’s unique strengths, the programme empowers young learners to begin charting their own career journey and help them to chose the right course or work option.

  • Psychometric Strengths Assessment Personalised Career Reports
  • One-to-one Career Guidance Development of a personalised Career Pathway

Knowing and understanding your strengths brings many benefits to your life, including:

  • Improved performance

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Happiness

  • Confidence

Student Testimonials

“I found the Strengths Profile very interesting and helpful. The profile was very detailed and gave me a better understanding of myself and made me reflect on areas I wouldn’t have previously. The programme helped me to identify different pathways and I have recently got accepted to do a level 5 business course in GTI in September.”

Foróige Young Person

“I feel that the ‘Strengths PATH Programme’ has given them more confidence & are now exploring different courses/careers, based on their capabilities/interests & not what is expected of them.”

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