Know Your Strengths
and make them work for you

In four easy steps, the Strengths PATH Programme helps Learners to identify strengths and use this knowledge to guide their journey to a rewarding course

Step 1 – 15 mins
Understanding Strengths

Realised Strengths - strengths that you use regularly and enjoy
Unrealised Strengths - strengths that you should use more
Learned Behaviours- strengths that you are not good at but can do
Weakness - things you find hard and don't enjoy

Step 2 – 20 mins
Discover your Strengths

Click here to complete the assessment. When you receive an email outlining your strengths, return to STEP 3 to understand what the strengths represent for you.

Step 3 – 40 mins
Reflecting on Strengths

Click here to explore the reports and highlight the areas where you want to find out more

Step 4 – 5 mins
Link Strengths to Courses

If you need support in finding career or course options that work with your strengths talk to your career guidance mentor for advice. If you don’t have a career guidance mentor and you require any further assistance, make an appointment with My Career Path.

When you have completed Step 3 and received your Personalised Strengths Report, click on the Interactive Strengths Wheel below and each segment which matches your Strengths and explore the associated words to understand what each Strengths mean.


Click your strength on the attached wheel and hover over the words associated with that strength for a more detailed definition.

You feel compelled to act immediately and decisively, being keen to learn as you go.
You juggle things to meet changing demands and find the best fit for your needs.
You juggle things to meet changing demands and find the best fit fo ryour needs.
You love to take risks and stretch yourself outside your comfort zone.
You are always true to yourself, even in the face of pressure from others.
You use setbacks as springboards to go on and achieve even more.
You love to motivate and inspire others to make things happen.
You have an inner composure and self-assurance, whatever the situation.
Change Agent
You are constantly involved with change, advocating for change and making it happen.
You really care about others, doing all you can to help and sympathise.
You are constantly competing to win, wanting to perform better and be the best.
You make connections between people, instinctively making links and introductions.
You overcome your fears and do what you want to do in spite of them.
You always bring a different viewpoint to others, whatever the situation or context
You strive to produce work that is original, by creating and combining things in imaginative ways.
You are interested in everything, constantly seeking out new information and learning more.
You naturally focus on the small things that others easily miss, ensuring accuracy.
You are very self-motivated, pushing yourself hard to achieve what you want out of life.
Emotional Awareness
You are acutely aware of the emotions and feelings of others.
You feel connected to others through your ability to understand what they are feeling.
You create the conditions for people to grow and develop for themselves.
You ensure that everyone is treated equally, paying close attention to issues of fairness.
Esteem Builder
You help others to believe in themselves and see what they are capable of achieving.
You are able to simplify things so that others can understand.
You provide fair and accurate feedback to others, to help them develop.
You are constantly thankful for the positive things in your life.
You are always looking for ways to grow and develop, whatever you are doing.
You are happy to stay in the background, giving others credit for your contributions.
You see the funny side of almost everything that happens - and make a joke of it.
You constantly look for better ways of doing things and how things can be improved.
You love to think deeply about things, to arrive at the best conclusion.
You approach things in ingenious ways, coming up with new and different approaches.
You enjoy making decisions and are able to make the right decision quickly and easily.
You want to create things that will outlast you, delivering a positive and sustainable impact.
You are able to listen intently to and focus on what people say.
You pursue things that give you a sense of meaning and purpose in your life.
Moral Compass
You have a strong ethical code, always acting in accordance with what you believe is right.
You love to tell stories and see the power of these stories to convey insights.
You are exceptionally well-organised in everything you do.
You are exceptionally well-organised in everything you do.
You achieve success by keeping going, particularly when things are difficult.
Personal Responsibility
You take ownership of your decisions and hold yourself accountable for your promises.
You recognise everyone as a unique individual, noticing their subtle differences.
You enjoy bringing others round to your way of thinking and winning their agreement.
You make plans for everything you do, covering all eventualities.
You think ahead, to anticipate and prevent problems before they happen.
You strive to produce work that is of the highest standard and quality
Rapport Builder
You establish rapport and relationships with others quickly and easily.
Relationship Deepener
You have a natural ability to form deep, long-lasting relationships with people.
You take hardships in your stride, recovering quickly and getting on with things again.
You love to solve problems, the more difficult the better.
You know yourself well, understanding your own emotions and behaviour.
You are confident in your own abilities, knowing that you can achieve your goals.
You are confident in your own abilities, knowing that you can achieve your goals.
You love to be the focus of everyone's attention.
Strategic Awareness
You pay attention to the wider context and bigger picture to inform your decisions.
Time Optimiser
You maximise your time, to get the most out of whatever time you have available.
You accept people for who and what they are, without ever judging them.
Work Ethic
You are very hard working, putting a lot of effort into everything you do.
You love to write, conveying your thoughts and ideas through the written word.